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2013 Ericsson-LG Enterprise Solution Day in North America

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- Expanding in North American Market

- Introducing Ericsson-LG difference in Enterprise Communication Solution to Korean Community in Southern California

Ericsson-LG is a global leader in providing Business and Enterprise Communication Solutions.  To strengthen and expand its services in North America, Ericsson-LG held Enterprise Solution Day for Korean-American Community in Southern California on September 16th 2013. It was held at Oxford Palace Hotel in downtown LA.

About 100 Korean-American business solution providers, corporate IT directors and IT-related workers were invited to the half-day long event.  They were provided with presentations on our company and our North American Business Strategy, including its brand iPECS, the corporate’s Enterprise Communication Solution Brand.  Demo booths featured iPECS-LIK, IP PBX for small and medium-sized business, as well as iPECS SBG-1000, ipLDK-60, and various application and mobility solutions.  The hands-on experience demonstrated the difference Ericsson-LG provides. The key stakeholders from Ericsson-LG including President Jae-Ryung Lee, Global Business Director Ahed Alkhatib, American Business Team head, Dong-Gyu Ryu, Head of North America, Yuno Jung attended to interact with business leaders of the Korean-American Community.

President Jae-Ryung Lee of Ericsson-LG stated, “Ericsson-LG has been a leader in providing Enterprise Communication Solution over 40 years.  We are pioneers in providing increased efficiency and optimal solution for smart work environment.”  President Lee also added, “We will continue to invest and expand in the American market, the biggest market in the world.”

Head of Ericsson-LG North America, Yuno Jung said, “The Korean-American community in the U.S. constitutes an important market, for it has been growing not only in market share, but also in political and cultural influence.  Ericsson-LG North American Division is committed to support of the continued success and expansion of the Korean-American business community by providing competitive service and closer cooperation between Korean business customers and Korean business dealers.”

Ericsson-LG is a global leader in Enterprise Communication Solution and provides voice communication system, total communication solution, business application, multi-media terminals. The iPECS is the comprehensive brand name of Ericsson-LG’s Enterprise Communication Solution portfolio.  Ericsson-LG is a joint venture between the world’s number 1 communication solution provider Ericsson and a world leader in electronics, LG Electronics.  Ericsson has 75% of share, and LG Electronics has 25% share of the company.