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Optimize your business communications Unified Communications Solution, iPECS UCS

iPECS UCS is a powerful multimedia collaboration and productivity enhancing application which is exclusively designed for small and medium sized businesses. Users can experience powerful UC solutions without concerns over expenses thanks to a single server architecture.

iPECS UCS is an unified communications application that enables users to boost up their productivity from anywhere with any devices. Recently, distributed work environment has posed significant challenges for employees, and making it harder to stay connected. Effective and efficient communications are critical for all businesses to better serve their customers, stay competitive in market and to expand their global presence. iPECS UCS streamlines communications and enhances productivity with unifying presence, instant messaging, voice, video, audio/video conference, sharing features and so on. All collaboration tools are provided to ensure secure delivery of messages to a variety of devices including desktop, tablet and smart phone. The flexible deployment model allows users to communicate and collaborate more effectively as long as they stay connected on the Internet, creating ubiquitous working environment.

No Communication Delays with Integrated Presence
iPECS UCS enables users to see the availability of colleagues within and outside their organization. Users can immediately see who is an offline, available, away, on a call, or DND status. In addition, users can create customized availability status as adding a sentence on your presence, such as ‘I’ll be back on 30 minutes.’ As realizing MS Outlook synchronization, MS Outlook’s contacts and schedule are synchronized with iPECS UCS’s presence information. In contact list on MS Outlook or iPECS UCS, users can easily initiate communications with multiple options. These features help reduce communication delays.

Instant Messaging and Flexibility among Collaboration Tools
Instant messaging is one of the most fundamental and important collaborative tools that in today’s fiercely competitive business environment. iPECS UCS allows users to set up multiple chat room on a personal, group, and persistent basis so that they are able to instantly reach colleagues or business partners. The chat history function allows users to track and trace the history of prior chats and messages for convenience purposes. In a bid to provide further flexibility, instant messaging is integrated with other communication capabilities so users can simply go back and forth between chats, audio conversations, and conferences. Plus, users can notify their availability status and send instant messages to people outside their organization. iPECS UCS guarantees highly efficient, secure, flexible and borderless collaboration.

Improve Team Performance with Audio and Video Conferencing
iPECS UCS provides audio and video conferencing collaboration for escalating team performance. Audio conference system is built into iPECS UCS desktop client for ease of use. With graphical user interface, users can easily initiate audio conferencing through drag and drop way. For more high class collaboration, iPECS UCS offers video conferencing feature. During video conferencing, efficient collaboration features are provided such as sharing(documents, presentations and desktop), web push, whiteboard and so on.(Video conferencing supports up to 9 parties and 8 groups)

Efficient Investment for Diverse Business Environment
iPECS UCS provides two types of clients which consider customer’s business size. iPECS UCS Standard is built into the iPECS UC platforms. As a built in services with iPECS UC platforms, customers can save the costs for additional H/W server or installations. With standard version, users can use instant messaging(IM), audio, video, audio conference, visual voice mail(VVM) as well as voice calling all on one platform. In case of iPECS UCS Premium, it needs an external UCS server which provides additional and enhanced collaboration features. With advanced features and collaboration tools, user’s productivity will be highly increased. As we considered various business sizes and customer’s efficient investment, we divided iPECS UCS as standard and premium with suitable collaboration features. Customers can make the most optimal investment dedicated to serving their specific needs.

Business purpose secure UC solution
Unlike external instant messaging and chat services, iPECS UCS provides these services within a secured business solution. The ASCII code and minimum length of password requirements can be changed and applied to user logins. To prevent ID/Password fraud, the administrator can manage user IDs in real-time. Message sessions are only between registered iPECS users and the company owned server maintains logs and details of the communications. Messages are encrypted and secured using the AES(Advanced Encryption Solution) to protect from intercept.

CRM Integration
• Support 20+ CRM services
- Microsoft Dynamics CRM
- Microsoft Outlook
- Microsoft Dynamics NAV
- Microsoft Access
- Sugar
- Sage CRM
- Sage 50 Accounts
- Vtiger
- WorkSite
- Zoho CRM
- SuperOffice CRM
- NetSuite
- Maximizer CRM Web Access
- Maximizer
- Lotus Notes
- GlodMine
- ConnectWise
- Act! 2010+
- Act! 2007-2009
• Reference customer information from CRM before call starts
• Additional methods of dialing to use
• For more information on CRM, click the CRM On-line User Guide


iPECS RCC Gateway

iPECS RCC Gateway (Remote Call Control Gateway)

iPECS RCC Gateway solution for linkage with Microsoft Lync composed with “RCC Gateway” and “RCC Client”. It’s possible to outgoing/incoming call with simple click. iPECS RCC Gateway solution’s various scenario and features increasing staff’s productivity and efficiency.


RCC Client

• Linkage with both desk phone and Lync client presence

• Desk phone control in RCC Client

RCC Gateway

• EV call(PC) option / RCC call(Phone) option

• EV call(PC) --> MS Lync 2013 OIP(Open Interoperability Program) Qualification

• When user get incoming call, RCC Client and Desk phone provide pop-up and ring together(Dual ring)

- EV Pop-up --> EV call (PC)

- RCC Pop-up --> RCC call (phone)

• Outgoing call with simple click on Client(Trunk or Extension)

• Desk phone control on Client(Disconnect, Hold, Call transfer)

• CM mobile extension feature for both desk phone and client support paring feature

• User can recognize other user’s client or desk phone presence


iPECS ClickCall

Significant change in your office communications

iPECS ClickCall is a smart application used to make communications Simpler and easier when working with a PC. All you need to do is drag a telephone number from any Windows Application such as a web site, Windows document or any application Running on your PC. You don’t need to memorize a phone number to make a call from a Desktop phone. You can even reduce the chances of delays or mistakes Made by pressing buttons when making a call in desktop phone. You will be satisfied with the result of a very simple and small change.


• Make desktop phone calls from your PC

• Support outgoing call

• Show dialed call log(10ea)

• Setup dialing information

• Multiple language support

• Exit/setup through the icon in the Windows tray


iPECS Attendant
More Calls, Better Service
iPECS Attendant is the IP attendant console with soft phone function, hotel features and an improved user interface. Based on the iPECS Platforms that integrated with iPECS Attendant, the supported features are various.

Embedded softphone functions
• Operating without the need for an external phone
• High quality voice communications using PC

Easy to use interface
• Optional station field display mode: icon or list type
• Intuitive display icons: Monitoring window, Queue window and tool bar
• Busy Lamp Field (BLF) and status information display
• Local language selection
• Shortcut keys for frequently used functions
• Pre-selected and customized station status message setting
• Station setting modification: station name, COS, Temporary COS, attendant cancel, music selection
• Attendant status change: Day / Night / On demand / Weekend / Auto ring / Forward

Simple directory/database management
• Local phone book import and export
• Database and system component back up to the local hard disk drive
• Multiple local database interface
• Phone book management: register / edit / delete, 17 database fields, dynamic search / sort / filter
• Various options for conducting queries

More productivity enhancements
• Internal Text messages can be sent and received
• Wake-up call management: Multiple wake-up, Group set, Optional set
• Multiple attendants
• Trunk monitoring
• Making outbound call: keypad dialing, click to call from the phone book, station icon, log view
• Superb statistical reporting of all calls

Hospitality features
• Check in / out, wake up call, room status, room cut off, etc.
• iPECS Attendant Hotel for basic PMS functionality with iPECS UCP / MG
- Check-out billing service, Custom billing format
- System Information update in real-time (PMS DB sync)
- DND service, message service
- Room class (COS) setting, Room change


iPECS Hotel PMS(iPECS Attendant Hotel)
Hotel Solution optimized for small to medium sized hotels

Ericsson-LG Enterprise provides PC-based software attendant consoles that integrate telephony with external call data and workforce information. The applications simplify call handling and meet evolving communications requirements. As the operator consoles for Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s communications systems, iPECS Attendant gives highly efficient telephony connections for attendants, receptionists and secretaries. They allow operators to quickly and easily provide communications and presence information for any telephony connection request.

iPECS Attendant is the IP attendant console with soft phone function, hotel features and an improved user interface. Based on the iPECS Platforms that integrated with iPECS Attendant, the supported features are various.


  • Effective front desk and staff work
  • Maximize guest service
  • Check in / out, wake up call, room status, room cut off, etc.
  • Check-out billing service, Custom billing format
  • System Information update in real-time (PMS DB sync)
  • DND service, message service
  • Room class (COS) setting, Room change
  • Effective Call Management
  • Productivity features :
    - Various Hotel features
    - Various and quick alternative contacts
    - Local language support
    - Flexible and configurable layout and user interface
    - Statistic report and Snapshot of group monitoring



IP based Soft Phone Application

Phontage is a multimedia communications tool that integrates the extensive iPECS voice communications capabilities with communications aware applications on your PC or laptop. Phontage’s user friendly interface enriches your communications experience and eases access to contact databases.

Powerful communications tool

• All the features of an IP multi button desktop phone

• Link to users desktop phone with simultaneous ring

• Phone book, Call log, Scheduled dial, SMS, Video calling and Application sharing features

Simple personal contact management

• Personal phone book with links to users’ PIM(Personal Information Manager) such as Microsoft Outlook, GoldMine, and ACT!

• Synchronizing the DB with Microsoft Outlook contacts and scheduler for simple data management

Variety of client types

• Available in several versions(Basic and Deluxe)

• Basic : Powerful tool for users with intense communications needs

• Deluxe : Users who need one-on-one multimedia collaboration

User friendly interface

• Always on top call assistant and smart system tray

• Audio tuning wizard and wireless hook-switch integration

Enhancing the communication experience

• With links to your contact manager simply dial by name

• Register Phontage with desktop phone and seamlessly switch voice from PC by just lifting the desktop phone handset

• With incoming calls, Phontage delivers a popup with details from your contact manager

• Scheduled dialing adds to the power of Phontage as a personal assistant