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Contact Center

iPECS Report Plus

Simple and Efficient Contact Center Solution, iPECS Report Plus
iPECS Report Plus business reporting module delivers historic and current information on business communications, supporting better analysis and decision making.

<Features and Benefits>
Service and performance monitoring
In today’s fast moving, service oriented environment, providing customer service and managing resources efficiently are key objectives. iPECS Report Plus provides an intuitive tool to monitor customer service and the operational performance of your business. You can easily check and analyze if your level of service and staffing are adequate, resulting in better business planning.

Business intelligence dashboard
iPECS Report Plus provides business intelligence dashboard, real-time dashboard screen and threshold alerting service that is user configurable. Whether you need telephone call accounting statistics, or contact center real-time information for a wallboard, iPECS Report Plus dashboard has the answer. User configurable interface that lets you control what you want to see. You can design your own business intelligence center and then create thresholds and targets. It gives you complete control on how you are alerted when those targets are reached.

Embedded ACD and ACD Report
iPECS Report Plus gathers ACD information from the call servers embedded ACD. As ACD information is embedded, every call is distributed automatically based on call information. The key feature of embedded ACD is agent monitoring and reporting. Managers can get agent’s status, break time, number of calls etc. Statistics of agent’s activity are provided with a diverse report format. Managers can get a report from the web and also through the dashboard. Efficient monitoring and fast decision making are possible utilizing the ACD information provided to managers through the dashboard.

Agent Web Client
Agent Web Client is web based tools for agent reporting and performance review. Users can easily login/out without inputting a code using a desktop phone. After a one time login, a user can connect his/her desktop phone to the contact center system. Once a user is logged into the system, the presence is integrated between the Agent Web Client and the desktop phone. Managers can easily monitor real-time ACD agent statuses and history. Agent statistics are provided as a ticker-tape, pie and bar chart. Through client statistics, a manger can easily manage an agent group for business productivity.

• Proprietary protocol between the call server and reporting server instead of TAPI
• Automatic scheduling of reports to print, e-mail or file(PDF, Excel)
• Call distribution based on built-in ACD functionalities of call server
• Saving and displaying call traffic and ACD data
• Real-time information display about every call including agent status and action
• Personal statistics for agent reporting and performance review
• Agent Control by supervisor in Agent Web Client
• Over 80 powerful reports for system performance, service levels, grades of service and agent/team evaluation
• Powerful carrier tariff interface - resulting in enterprise grade reporting
• Accesses anywhere - use dashboard in the company or remote office
• Wallboard and alert management
• Simple for user to configure and create multiple dashboard screens

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