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[Italy]Valsabbina Bank

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iPECS-LIK system is installed by Promelit Communication System(PCS), Ericsson-LG Enterprise's global partner, at the Valsabbina Bank ( with main offices in Vestone and Brescia and more than 60 branches throughout the province of Brescia (Italy).

The project started in January 2011 with the installation, in the 2 main offices, of iPECS-LIK 1200 and iPECS-LIK 600 with 224 total phones as following: 150 LIP-8008 phones, 40 LIP-8012 phones, 30 LIP-8024 phones and 4 LIP-8040 phones.

Currently has already begun the second phase of the project that involves the installation in all the branches, the first lot under installation in these days will cover 38 systems of iPECS-LIK 50 with 170 LIP-8008 phones, 40 LIP-8012 phones and 40 LIP-8024 phones.

Soon there will be installed the second lot of 40 systems of iPECS-LIK 50 and 474 telephones. Once finished this second phase, in fact, there is already planned the third and last phase that involves the installation in the remaining branches of about 20 systems with corresponding telephones!

But let's see how this "Network" work: the two main offices in Brescia and Vestone manage through IP connectivity all branches connected with them. The branches exploit this connectivity and work thanks to iPECS-LIK 1200 and iPECS-LIK 600 installed and operating within the 2 main offices.

Each small branch, however, was in turn fitted with a silent iPECS-LIK 50: in case of 4 failure on the WAN Network, which connects the branch to the main office, iPECS-LIK 50 will automatically take in charge all the functionality, allowing the individual branches to keep on working not remain "isolated" without loss of time and money and image to the customers.

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