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[Turkey] WOW Resorts Hotels

Created Date 14.03.04 | Modified Date 14.04.02 | IP | View 2426

World of Wonders (WOW) Resorts Hotels, the well-known hotel chain as a theme hotel looks like a sultan’s palace, has recently adopted Ericsson-LG iPECS-CM as a communications system.

MN ILETISIM distributor of Ericsson-LG Enterprise in Turkey has eliminated local brand names due to not having multiple tenant feature (One Hotel PMS for three sites) and distributed architecture across multiple locations. Customer has requested one CCM and two LCM connection but later on one LCM and one networked location (Due to poor broad band connection) have been implemented. Later on MN ILETISIM had to deal with Avaya and won the project because of offering better features for a competitive pricing.


MN ILETISIM has positioned iPECS-CM S4K Server CPU for WOW Topkapi Palace Hotel and WOW Kremlin Palace Hotels by implementing multi-tenant feature. MN ILETISIM also has offered our SMDR software (Chrystal Info Linux) to be backup to the hotel PMS CDR billing feature. MN ILETISIM has networked with WOW Bodrum Resort Hotel even though MN ILETISM has planned to implement as LCM.


MN ILETISIM and Ericsson-LG Enterprise won the bid against Avaya due to high level of customization & expensive after service warranty. The hotel chain is a well-known among the industry that require high quality communications, reliable product and cost effective hybrid deployment. Offering affordable and strong multi-tenant features that highly suitable for hospitality sector.  Shoving all the features that customer requested during the live demo sessions.


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