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[UK] SFX College

Created Date 14.02.20 | Modified Date 16.01.29 | IP | View 2410

St. Francis Xavier 6th Form College (SFX), one of the outstanding colleges in London, UK, has recently upgraded its communication system with iPECS solutions. 

Ericsson-LG iPECS-LIK 300 is installed to cater the College reliable and cost effective communication, accompanying 120 of the latest IP telephone handsets as an easy to use screen based controller for the reception, as well as a gateway for 32 analogue or DECT phones for areas where there were no existing data cables. Provision was also made for 10 remote workers to access the system at any one time using soft client technology on any PC connected to the Internet. 

With voicemail to email functionality as standard, users would be able to use the in-built hot desk features, allowing for multiple users per handset, and the flexibility to work remotely when needed. 

After adopting the iPECS solutions, St. Francis Xavier College enhanced its communication and work efficiency significantly while saving costs from its reliable and scalable features. The solution’s flexibility also ensured the possibility the College wanted to grow in the future. 

“We are incredibly pleased with the smooth installation and the fantastic functionality that the solution provides, especially for remote workers. The service and support from Pragma Distribution and 1st Communications (one of Pragma's partners in the UK) has also been superb.” said Shah Ali, Assistant Principle at St. Francis Xavier College. 

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