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[Thailand]Government Lottery Office

Created Date 14.01.20 | Modified Date 14.01.20 | IP | View 4416

The Government Lottery Office (GLO), the national lottery organization in Thailand, has installed iPECS-CM to upgrade its communications environment. 

In order to meet the strong needs of reliable communications and better customer service, the GLO adopted iPECS-CM as a main PBX along with iPECS CCS and iPECS NMS applications and iPECS LIP-9070 multimedia terminal.
For the GLO as an organization opened for future growth, iPECS-CM was the right solution for reliability and easy expandability. Bringing the iPECS CCS solution along with the system, the 50 call center representatives can now provide higher quality customer services. The advanced iPECS terminals also enable the organization to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.

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