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Unified Communications

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Unified Communications

Currently people and devices are more and more connected in a network world. Personal device such as mobile phone or camera is connected as well as business equipments on the same network. Also the media connected to the business network becomes more various.

For enterprise the value of connectivity is in driving efficiency, quality of offering and possibility for new services to the company’s employees and customers. People are also connected in lots of societies including working places as well as personal networks. In the networked environment, people don’t work him/herself any more and should collaborate among others in local or remote areas.

Unified Communication is the solution to deliver such values of connectivity more simply and easily with unified interface for communication and collaboration. Ericsson-LG Enterprise's UCS is a server based application which provides single point of communication customized for SMB environment.

Businesses are getting more and more demanding on multimedia communication and seamless connection. Server based directory and presence database push required information to clients so that each clients can optimize their communication by setting Individual Call Routing table through GUI. Application sharing, Multi party Video & Audio conference also support your business for collaboration ahead of competitors. Integrated with 3rd party application makes you to use the same and more integrated features without changing any of you good old habits. UC integrates Outlook scheduler and 3rd party DB integration such as Outlook, ACT!, Goldmine and MS Excel forms. In addition, the Mobile client enhances the communication and collaboration experience to mobile environment.

Feature Products

- UC Platforms

  • iPECS eMG80

    iPECS eMG80 adopts VoIP technologies running in optimized IP/TDM hybrid switching platform. The ability to communicate seamlessly over IP networks delivers advantages over existing hybrid technologies permitting SMBs ...

  • iPECS eMG800

    iPECS eMG800 is Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s response for SME challenges and needs. The result is an optimized SME solution built from the common challenges of SMEs in mind such as: Growth, Flexible IP converged...


    iPECS UCP is Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s unified communications platform designed to meet SMB and Enterprise communications needs. As ground breaking innovative platform, iPECS UCP provides out of box UC and ...

  • iPECS-CM

    iPECS-CM is the next generation IP-PBX that provides, in addition to IP telephony, various flexible high quality multimedia services, and mobility designed for medium and large sized enterprises. iPEC...

- Applications


    iPECS Unified Communications Solution(UCS) is a powerful multimedia collaboration and productivity enhancing tool designed for the small to large enterprises. Its single server architecture helps SMB’s start experiencing the next generation communications solution without investing in enterprise...

  • iPECS RCCV Gateway

    iPECS RCCV Gateway solution for linkage with Microsoft Lync composed with “RCCV Gateway” and “RCCV Client”. It’s possible to outgoing/incoming call with simple click. iPECS RCC Gateway solution’s various scenario and features...

  • iPECS ClickCall

    iPECS ClickCall is a smart application used to make communications Simpler and easier when working with a PC. All you need to do is drag a telephone number from any Windows Application such as a web site...

  • iPECS Attendant

    iPECS Attendant is the IP attendant console with soft phone function, hotel features and an improved user interface. Based on the iPECS Platforms that integrated with iPECS Attendant, the supported features are various...